None  of us will like to  lose the one they love. You noticed that your lover is dating someone secretly and you do not want to confront your lover and cause a conflict or disagreement that may lead to more harm. You can quickly perform a break up spell which will break up their relationship for good and win your lover back again.


This is a special type of love spell and has the ability to break up any relationship literally overnight. Break up spells to break up any relationship can be very effective. Once the breakup spell is active and in force you will be amazed how their relationship will fall apart.


There are several reasons why most people perform break up spells. Some of the common ones are If you are not happy with the type of person your lover is and wants your freedom. If someone has done a love spell on you, then break up spells can be perform to break up the love spell.


Now here is a simple free break up spell you can perform right away. Get a clean piece of paper. Write down all the reasons why you do not want the relationship. Then color the paper black. Take a small box and in it put any crystal you like. Light a candle and then light the paper in the candle flame. As it burns, repeat:


For all good there ever was between (your name and his), shine light

For all ill that ever existed, to ashes burn,

So that the cycle of love summer may like autumn time, turn.


Place the ashes in the box with the crystal, tying a ribbon around the box to seal it. As you tie the ribbon feel your resolve tighten. As long as you carry this box with you, it will be a reminder of why you want to break up. The crystal will help to keep these messages vibrating.


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