Different spells of compulsion and erotic attraction have been traced back to as far as the Hellenistic Greece and their syncretic magic tradition that made use of Hebraic and Egyptian elements. These have all been documented in different texts including the Greek Magical Papyri.

These have also been archaeologically traced on the amulets as well as other artifacts that dated back to the 2nd century BC or at times earlier up to the later part of the 3rd century AD. The magical practices have then continued influencing the Gaul’s private ritual among those in Roman Britain, the Germanic and the Celtic people. The erotic magic then reflected the gender roles in the ancient Greece, dismissing the modern misconceptions regarding sexuality and gender roles.

Hellenistic Spells

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A classics professor in University of Chicago, Christopher Faraone who specializes in practices and texts that pertain to magic, has classified the Eros magic as the one practiced by the males, and Philia magic in the case of the females.
This two kinds of spells can be directly associated to the women and men’s gender roles in the Ancient Greece. The Philia spells have been used by the women since they depend on their husbands.
Back then, women have no power which is why they used all means available for ensuring that their husbands will stay around, especially with the men having more freedom of leaving behind their wives every time they want to. A lot of women have used the Philia spells for maintaining their beauty and keeping the much needed peace of mind.
Women used Philia magic for keeping their male companion faithful and at bay. The fundamental beliefs regarding sexual attitudes among the Greeks have been dismissed by the discoveries in Philia love potions, rituals and spells. These spells have not been utilized for the sake of attaining sexual pleasure but instead, they served as kind of medicine or therapy. Commonly, the Philia spells have been used by the women in their attempts of preserving their youth and beauty, something that will induce faithfulness in their partner.
A lot of Ancient Greek women used the love spells as a kind of therapy. Whether the spells worked or not, these helped in making

the ladies feel much more comfortable with the situation that they are in, giving them the feeling of being in control of the things that are happening around them.
On the other hand, the Eros spells have been primarily used by the males and even prostitutes, serving entirely different functions in the Ancient Greece. The Eros spells have been used for instilling passion and lust in women, which will make them fulfill the sexual needs of that man who has invoked the spell. With no freedom, the women then only hoped that their situation will be better, which explains why they have been into producing spells.
Conversely, men had all the freedom of doing the things they want to do. The prostitutes, on another note, led lives that were actually almost the same to the men than that of the women.
These prostitutes were free as far as finances are concerned, and they can choose where they want to live, without being expected to serve only a single man and home. Only the prostitutes were the women who have been known for using the Eros magic for fulfilling their sexual desires.

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