The History Of Love Spells

 Love spells and their origin cannot be easily traced to a particular place or culture because it has been in existence throughout the numerous centuries in all corners of the world. This is the very reason why pinpointing the history of love spells has been quite a difficult task to accomplish.


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The History

But if you will take a closer look, you will discover that almost all cultures can find their own unique traces of spell casting in their past. So far, love spells take on two forms.

The first one was based on the Curses that attempt to control the will of the Target in order to fulfill the Caster’s desire or the person who is asking for the Caster’s assistance.

On the other hand, the second form is much closer to those that are extensively practiced today that make use of Rituals and Spells for drawing one person’s love to another.

The Greeks gave prayers and offerings to Goddess Aphrodite, hoping that they will gain her favor about their love affairs. Just like the rest of the cultures, there were those who have called out to those in the realms of magic in their desire to get the love that they want.

If the Greeks had Aphrodite, the Egyptians had their Magick practitioners and priests who channeled the gods’ will and provided with the people with the help they needs as far as love is concerned.

Just like majority of the cultures, offerings and prayers were also given to the gods so that they will give their favors to the requests of the person who asked for assistance.

Meanwhile, the Druids carried out Magick with the use of special rituals that use various kinds of herbs as well as other materials that come from the earth.

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They believed that this natural materials are sacred, each of which has its own special power. Most of these materials have been utilized in secret for bringing lovers together, while some were preserved to be used for the special ceremonies during marriage.

Without a doubt, love spells boast of a rich history that has transcended boundaries, with every culture and place having its own set of stories and beliefs as far as love spells are concerned.

There is also no denying that love holds such an incredible and strong power over the people, and the love spells happen to be the most usual spells asked and performed in order to get the love that they have been dreaming of. Whatever history these love spells might have, nothing will change the fact that love is the very reason why you often hear stories, poems, songs, memoirs as well as confessions.

After all, love is the very feeling that keeps the humanity humane.

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