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How long does it take to work?
3 days to 90 days after the completion of the casting.
What do you need to get started?
We require the full name and date of birth of all parties involved. This should be emailed to us after you place an order to If your situation involves a third party of which you do not have this information please let us know. We have ways of working around this issue. We can also use pictures, but prefer full names and birth dates to direct the energy of a spell towards someone.

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“There are some people in this world that are designed to help people and I can say without a doubt that Daniel is one of those people! My obsession love spell worked well to bring my fiance back and more appreciative of the things I have done for her. She has changed her attitude and is making our relationship a higher priority than she ever has. She calls me all of the time now and shows a lot of love towards me like how it was in the beginning of our relationship. I highly recommend Warlock Magic Spells for anyone needing help with their relationship!”

“I’m happy to announce that your customized love spell did EXACTLY what you said it would do! My husband is treating me way better then before and every option that I picked for it came to fruition! I know he is staying faithful and our romantic life has improved significantly. He has been putting more effort into making me happy and is surprising me all of the time with sweet gestures! Thank you for making us closer again!”

“I’m feeling super positive about the break them up and bring them back love spell you cast for me! It started with my ex changing his status to single on facebook and sent me a message asking how I was doing. We have been seeing each other everyday now and have been working through the issues that we had that originally broke us up. I have more trust and faith that he is making quality decisions in his life again and us getting back together is my decision now. I’m grateful that he is back in my life and thinking more clearly!”  

“Thank you, thank you thank you! I could not imagine being with out my girlfriend and you guys did a fantastic job of bringing her back. She in now my fiance!”

“My husband was seeing another woman and it broke my heart . I knew he was just going through something because we where great at one point. I ordered a customized love spell and he came to me not only apologizing but wanted to renew our vows!”

“Wow! I can’t believe the results that I got from the heal a broken heart love spell! It brought someone new into my life and I totally forgot about my ex! Talk about upgrade! Thanks so much!”