In the later part of the medieval period, around 14th-17th century, marriage has been established as the central institution for the lives of the people. It is during this time when the use of the love spells has taken a different turn. While sexual intercourse was the immediate desire, this has then been commonly practiced in the attempt of creating a permanent union, which is none other than marriage.

In The Renaissance

With magic being expensive, not to mention that the caster can also experience from severe damage, it was no longer taken that lightly during this period. Simply put, in the period of Renaissance, spells have not been casted on just about anyone but only on the unions which already held a more special importance.

Gentlemen and ladies of favor and status were the ones who are usually the targets of these love spells. The restrictions on their social or economic classes are the common hindrance to a marriage, but with the help of love spells, these barriers can be easily broken down, which will lead to a advancement in their social status.

Even though the spells were meant to stay in secret, this has been rarely done successfully. But once the victim noticed that he or she is under a spell, being magic believers themselves, they will then take on a different behavior that will then add to the effectiveness of the spell.

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In a way, it has become a means of communicating a person’s desire that is important in the concept of love spells as this gives timid persons the courage to approach those who seem unapproachable.

With the Renaissance being widely dominated by the Catholicism and Christianity in Europe, Christian elements have also seeped their way to these magic rituals. It has become common for written spell scrolls and clay dolls to be hidden in the churches’ altar or with the holy candles being lit during the rituals.

Sometimes, the Catholic Mass’ Host will be taken and used during the rituals for the desired results to be achieved. In the simplest sense, love spells during the Renaissance period is a rich combination of paganism and Christianity.

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