Do love spells really work? Are there even love spells that work? Well, the answer is a big yes, although not all the love spells that you will find can be as perfectly successful all the time. The truth is, it takes practice, time, and lots of patience for you to find that will work.
These love spells have been intended to be put to use when you are searching for a brand new love of your life. In case you are searching for a spell that can help you get your ex back, or you need a spell to make your lover return, there are several love spell examples that you can try that will best suit your purpose.

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Perfect Partner Candle Spell

Nothing is even more romantic that casting a love spell using candles. You will not be lighting the candles during the initial part of the spell, but when the right time comes, you will see their flickering flame.
When casting this spell, stay away from focusing on a single person or mentioning any name. The supplies that you will need include:
• One white candle

• One candle of your favorite color

• Candle holders for every candle

• Pink chalk

• Red or pink cloth

If your house does not have an altar space, you have to look for and set up a clear space since several days will be needed for the spell to take effect. Hold the white candle and think of the qualities you are looking for in a partner. Say these out loud as you concentrate on the candle which represents your future lover.
Then, get the colored candle and think of the qualities that you like to bring into this brand new relationship, with this second candle representing yourself. Spread the pink cloth then settle the two candles in their respective candles on the two sides of the cloth, with a 2-ft distance. Between the candles and on the center of the pink cloth,

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