One of the most important aspects of the secret world of the occult – witchcraft, high magic, voodoo, black magic, white magic and gray magic is the casting of spells and charms on a person.
Magic spells can conjure spirits and the proper use of magic spells can bring about love, sex, desirability, lost love, marriage, money, property, success, protection, destruction, break up and whatever else you wish. Thus as you can understand magic spells can both be evil/malevolent and harmless or benevolent.

To put it very simply, a hex is like a curse or an evil spell that brings bad luck on an individual. In the late 17th and 18th centuries, Swiss and German immigrants who had relocated to and had set up base in USA in the state of Pennsylvania, used to speak in Pennsylvanian Dutch – a German dialect. The German verb ‘hexen’ used to mean practicing/to practice sorcery. The word ‘hexe’ is the Pennsylvanian Dutch equivalent of hexen.

Hex – the English verb as well as the noun has been borrowed from the Pennsylvanian Dutch word hexe. The word hex made its first appearance in the book Annals of Philadelphia, 1830 and was used to mean ‘to practice witchcraft’. In the Old High German, the current word hex was known as hagzissa and in Middle High German it was known as hecse.
Enough about the word hex’s philological origins! To return to layman’s language, hex refers to a curse or a spell for bad luck that your enemy might put on you with malevolent, evil intentions. People are so eager and desperate to get rid of hexes because a hexed or jinxed individual can suffer from a lifetime of despair and woe. You may even call a hex a whammy or an evil eye.
The problem is that out of ignorance, majority of the population relates hexes to voodoo and gypsies. However, it is not always and necessarily witches, hags, voodoo queens and gypsies or practitioners of black magic and witchcraft who resort to hexing an individual.

Very ordinary normal people, simmering with anger and revenge, can put a hex on their enemy or enemies for vengeance – the primary motive.
But thanks to rather faulty and prejudiced media depictions via television horror shows and horror flicks and supernatural thrillers, we are saddled with scary images of gypsies hexing an adversary by pointing a finger at him/her and declaring the same vocally or voodoo queens hexing an enemy by leaving tiny bundles of cursed herbs in some hidden corner of the enemy’s house behind his/her back.
But like other occult practices, both the subjects of hexes and their potency or viability are matters of great debate. It is usually believed that hexes start showing results if the hexed individual is aware that he/she has been hexed by someone. Sounds rather like a self fulfilling prophecy or the power of suggestion, doesn’t it?
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