Magical can be truly tricky.  Suppose you perform a magical healing ritual on someone or do remote healing. The person gets better and you feel great.

The Doubt Factor

But then the doubt creeps in. You begin wondering whether you were responsible for the healing or if the person was going to get better anyway. Or maybe your healing and the person’s recovery were just coincidental-they just happened to occur at the same time. Or perhaps the person’s angels and guides stepped in and performed the healing, and your magic had nothing to do with the person’s recovery.

That kind of self-doubt most assuredly will drive you crazy and interfere with your ability to effectively practice magic. When it comes to practicing any kind of magic, here’s one rule that will help you keep self-doubt out of the picture:

Never allow your magic to be tested.

People who don’t believe in magic will commonly challenge magic practitioners to “prove” their magic bypassing certain tests. This does nothing but introduces self-doubt into your practice. This rule applies to you as well. Don’t try to “test” your own magical abilities or trying to figure out if you really healed someone.

The best position to take when it comes to magical healing is to realize that you doing magic for your benefit and for the benefit of others, should they choose to make use of it. According to master dowser Harold McCoy, who has assisted in many miraculous healings, we are not and cannot be the sole instruments of remote healing. Healing is usually a combined effort between healer, client, and higher beings. If any part of this equation is missing, such as when the client refuses healing energy, healing will not occur. At the same time, when healing does occur, no single party in the equation is responsible. Instead, it’s a group effort.

As Harold himself puts it, “I just do these things and the person gets better. I don’t know that there is any connection, or what that may be, but it doesn’t matter!” This is a failsafe position for magical healing.

You know there is a connection between your magical act and the healing, but you don’t have to know the exact nature of the connection. This lets you off the hook when it comes to self-doubt.

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