“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” – Thomas Merton
Today, not only the young girls who are interested on casting a love spell on the boy of their dreams because almost everyone, from men to the divorced ladies, also wants to try it for themselves.
While a lot of psychics and casters persuade people that there is no way for you to cast a love spell all on your own, this is not entirely true. In fact, there are only a few basic rules that you need to keep in mind if you have plans of casting a love spell in the hopes of changing the course of your love life.

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 Believe in what you are going to do.

 Before you perform the ritual, pray to Saint Nicholas, the Miracle Worker.
 Never try casting a love spell only because you are curious. This should be done only when you truly need it.
 When you cast a love spell, you should focus on the results and purpose.
 Remove your shoes, cross, and avoid makeup when you cast a love spell.
 Make sure that no one is going to bother you when you cast the love spell. Cast it exactly just how it must be cast. Take extra care and be accurate when you mix components, say the spell, etc.
 Never cast a love spell when you have your menstrual cycle.

 When you call up spirits, ensure that all the windows and doors in the room are tightly closed.
 The perfect time to cast a love spell is during sunset.

 Never tell anyone regarding the casting of love spell.

 Create a protection for breaking the spell, like “tongue in teeth,” “lock in the sea,” or “key in the ground.”
Among the primary secrets to have a successful casting of love spell is visualizing the ritual words’ images. It is important for you to understand every phrase in the spell, all of them having a meaning for you. Visualize the things that you will say.
It is also important that you stay as relaxed as possible when you cast a love spell. Never put a rein on your feelings. It will even be better if you are more emotional. Never restrain your passion and love as this will help the spell to make your wish come true much faster.
There is also a belief that love spells tend to be most effective when they will be cast during new moon and waxing. It is not advisable to cast your spell during waning of the moon as your wish will be confronted by the nature’s energy, preventing it from coming true.
For the spell to be stronger, visualize thin strings of energy that comes out of your belly button that enter the belly button of your love spell’s object than will then root themselves into your beloved’s soul. This can help in establishing a connection much easier, ensuring the faster effect of the ritual.
Once you have completed the love spell, ask the Universe not to cause any harm on your beloved.

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