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How Spell Work

Life is full of hopes and aspirations but the circumstances might not always be conducive. One feels utterly helpless when confronted with situations that are impervious to one’s dearest wishes and heart-felt desires. Should you give up all hope and surrender to the forces that you surmise are beyond your control?

No! Because not all things that you think to be beyond your control, actually are. There are forces in the universe, which can be oriented to benefit you. You can experience these forces when you believe. A very simple example is you miss someone intensely and the person calls almost immediately. Is that just coincidence? Or, have you made the other person call by thinking so strongly about him/her.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please review the information below, as the most common questions I get are answered there!

As soon as you make payment for your chosen spell,   you’ll receive a mail from us asking you to send  some information if you didn’t give us the information when ordering.

as soon as we get all your details we will commence the spell and send you all the casting process and proof of casting when completed.

we practice white magic, black magic as well as some green magic, which are energy and nature based, all very safe and effective including our black magic which will protect you from any harm.

Yes, absolutely! You can contact us via the chat function on the website, or via email directly at we are always happy to offer a spell casting consultation or answer any questions that you may have.

You can purchase as many castings at a time as you like – there is no limit. It’s perfectly fine to cast them at the same time without worry of them interfering with one another. The only way castings would clash is if the goal for the casting was opposite. For example, if you ordered a spell to attract wealth and also a spell to decrease your wealth (not sure why anyone would?) then those spells would essentially ‘cancel each other out’. In all our years, we have never had this request so it’s never been an issue.

Yes! we are genuine spell casting professionals of fifteen coven members around the world. This is what we do for a living, as our full-time job and we have many years experience. This is not a hobby for us, although we do love it! Our spell castings bring results and it’s how we have been able to stay in business for so many years.

Yes, we provide photo and video proof of spell casting process.

Also our testimonials are more proofs that our spell works, that is the best proof you need.

It took me several years to determine this, because individual results do vary because everyone has a different energy.

 If your first casting does not manifest in the time frame provided, We encourage you to contact us so that we can look into it and decide what to do from there.

About 95% of my spell castings manifest the very first time, within 7 to 14 days of the casting.

Nearly all will manifest within 21 days after a second casting (which is free of charge), as this tends to kick the first one into high gear and give it that little nudge it needs.

The remaining 5% or so will need a third casting which is almost always a completely new casting that I will try since the first two failed. There is NEVER any charge for these second or third/new castings.

Very rarely, in less than 1% of cases, the casting will simply not manifest no matter what I try. When this does happen, it is typically because whatever result you are seeking is simply not meant to be. There is nothing that you, or we, or any other caster can do in this situation to force manifestation. All we can do is perhaps try a different casting, seeking different results.

For most castings, we need only your first and last name and year of birth. As we are very experienced, we need very little information in order to connect with your energy to complete the casting.

For some castings (usually ones involving relationships), we will also need the first and last name and year of birth of the person involved with the casting such as your ex or your crush. You’ll provide this information on the order page.

Currently, we support Paypal, bitcoin, credit, and debit cards.

If you have issues with payment send me an email to:

Yes. we are using companies with enough security in place to keep you safe online.

No! Everything you share with us is between you and us. Your information will never be publicly shared, except your testimonies.

Me the mothergods and my fifteen (15) coven members around the world America, Asia and Africa will jointly cast the spell without you breaking the bank.

Use my service only if you believe in traditional healing and spells, my service are not scientifically vetted, and therefore result varies.

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